ATT Tank Gas Inlet Diffusers

The ATT Tank Gas Inlet Diffusers are installed on tanks equipped with a floating roof and rim seal system.

The ATT Tank Inlet Diffusers consists of an Internal fill line piping with impingement plate, baffles, slots, or lateral openings to reduce the velocity of the products or medium flow entering a tank.

Based on the ATT Tank engineering the determined size of an inlet diffuser is to reduce the inlet velocity to less than 1 m (3 ft) per second during initial fill (per API RP 2003).

Purchaser shall provide pumping rates and any blending, pigging and recirculation data along with the present inlet diameter.

Gas slugs and products slugs are common in pigging operations. Most inlet diffusers are meant for liquid-use and are not capable of handling the increased flow rates of these slugs. Therefore, normally any gas inlet diffusers will be longer then a liquid inlet diffuser and have graduated slots or perforated plating on.

ATT Tank inlet diffuser sizes are custom calculated to meet each individual tank within the requirements ofboth regulations and customer wishes.

ATT Tank Continental Tank Serv Engineering has combined over 20 years’ experiences from the past with their research and development, through which it has produced increasingly innovative products for above ground storage tank (AST).

And it’s not just about the new and interesting, when old technologies and products are to be revitalised or re-used it always can be reviewed and when needed altered to be made more efficient.


The most commonly used ATT Tank Inlet Diffusers are:

• Liquid Inlet Diffusers

• Gas Inlet Diffusers

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